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Police release chilling surveillance footage of Tennessee school shooting that claimed six lives, including three children. Senate Staffer Stabbed in Vicious Random Attack in DC Neighborhood

A disturbing video has been shared on social media showing a 15-year-old boy with autism being beaten up by a group of teenagers on a New York City subway train.

The incident occurred during rush hour on Friday, with no one on the train stepping in to help the boy.

The victim’s mother, who spoke exclusively to reporters, said that her son had stayed home from school to recover from his injuries.

The video, which shows the boy being dragged by his sweater and hit in the face multiple times, has outraged commuters and prompted the NYPD to investigate the incident as a potential hate crime due to the use of racial slurs.

The victim’s mother expressed concern about the mental impact of the attack on her son, who did not know his attackers.

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