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Attorneys representing the Murdaugh family’s housekeeper, Gloria Satterfield, have strongly rebuked convicted South Carolina killer Alex Murdaugh’s recent claim that he fabricated the story surrounding her death nearly five years ago.

In a scathing response on Monday, the lawyers denounced Murdaugh’s assertion as misinformation aimed at victimizing the Satterfield family.

The case gained widespread attention when Murdaugh initially alleged that Satterfield had tragically tripped on his home’s front steps due to his dogs.

However, last week, Murdaugh’s attorney disclosed that their client had concocted the entire narrative.

As a consequence, the insurance company, which had previously provided a $3.8 million settlement, now seeks to recoup the funds disbursed.

Murdaugh’s sudden shift in portraying himself as a beacon of truth and honesty has been met with skepticism by the legal representatives, who point out his failure to account for the whereabouts of the substantial settlement or provide any details concerning Gloria’s actual cause of death.

Currently, Murdaugh faces over 100 criminal charges, including insurance fraud and tax evasion, and awaits trial for his alleged involvement in these crimes.

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