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Police share new images of “calculated attack” on Atlanta training facility

Newly released video footage shows a group of individuals spraying accelerant on equipment at the site of the planned Atlanta Public Safety Training Center in DeKalb County.

According to police, the protesters stormed the site and displayed a level of coordination that suggested they had planned the attack.

Despite facing violence, police and firefighters showed great restraint, refraining from retaliating against the attackers.

Approximately 100 individuals were involved in the attack, but officers were able to locate and apprehend those involved, thanks to several cameras trained on them.

During a briefing to the city council, Police Chief Darren Cheerbaum and Fire Chief Rod Smith discussed the potential danger of having protesters set small fires in an area that is still emitting methane gas from an old landfill.

They also highlighted the impact that the attack has had on police coverage for citizens.

A group of pastors also spoke out against the agitators, while a member of the Public Safety Committee on Council added that the attack was potentially counterproductive in terms of influencing citizens against the training facility.

The incident has been described as a “calculated attack” by police, who have released new images in an effort to identify and bring to justice all those involved.

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