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Atlanta Police Warn Against Car Boot Key Removal

Atlanta police have issued a warning regarding the use of car boot keys to remove immobilization devices from vehicles.

While it is legal to possess these keys, using them to tamper with or disengage the boot can lead to criminal charges.

Earlier this week, we reported on businesses in Atlanta that assist drivers who find themselves with boots on their tires.

These businesses sell boot keys, commonly known as “bootchies,” which are compatible with the locks on the immobilization devices.

However, the legality of using these keys is where the situation becomes complicated.

According to the Atlanta Police Department, businesses have the authority to boot or tow vehicles that violate the terms of their private parking areas.

In such cases, the police do not intervene between drivers and the business owners.

While owning boot keys is legal, using them to modify, tamper with, or disengage the immobilization device can result in criminal charges, such as criminal trespass, theft of services, theft by taking, or damage to property.

One entrepreneur, Christian Versent, recognized the frustration experienced by drivers who face booting and started a side business selling master keys for tire boots.

He emphasizes that his business operates within the bounds of the law and aims to raise awareness about the issue of booting.

It’s worth noting that Georgia lawmakers attempted to pass legislation to ban booting this year, but their efforts ultimately failed.

Therefore, for now, drivers in Atlanta should exercise caution when using boot keys to avoid potential legal consequences.

As the discussion surrounding booting continues, drivers are urged to familiarize themselves with the relevant laws and regulations to avoid any inadvertent criminal charges related to the use of boot keys.

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