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Asylum seekers arrived in Orange County, New York, to a group of supporters on Thursday.

The first bus carrying asylum seekers from New York City reached its destination at the Cross Roads Hotel near Stewart Airport.

The bus, carrying twenty single male asylum seekers, pulled up to the front of the hotel, where they were greeted by local supporters.

These supporters agree with Mayor Adams’ efforts to find housing for the asylum seekers outside of New York City, as the city is struggling to accommodate them.

The asylum seekers will receive four months of shelter, food, and services, which will be funded through the budgets of New York City and New York State.

Interestingly, the county executive of Orange County had previously stated that no asylum seekers would be arriving, but he defended the relocation while acknowledging the need for better communication and transparency in the process.

However, the county executive, Steve Neuhaus, expressed his frustration, stating that the process had been disorganized and blamed Mayor Eric Adams for opening the door to this “self-induced crisis.” While no mention of possible legal action was made, Neuhaus emphasized the lack of trust in the mayor’s word.

Law enforcement presence was observed at the scene, with patrol cars from the Town of Newburgh and Orange County Sheriff’s Office, but they maintained a distance and did not interact with the asylum seekers.

Additional buses are expected to arrive throughout the day from New York City.

In Rockland County, community groups held a news conference in support of the asylum seekers.

They voiced their disapproval of County Executive Ed Day and Michael Lawler, accusing them of engaging in anti-immigrant rhetoric regarding the plan to move asylum seekers from New York City to Rockland.

The community groups emphasized that asylum seekers are seeking a peaceful path to live their lives and provide opportunities for their families to thrive.

However, there has been no response from Day or Lawler regarding these concerns.

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