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Purse-Snatching Robbers Attack Woman in the Bronx: NYPD

A group of assailants violently snatched a woman’s purse in the Bronx on Sunday morning, according to the police.

The incident, which occurred around 11 p.m.

along Decatur Avenue near Fordham University, involved three men who are now wanted by authorities.

The suspects approached a 65-year-old woman and forcefully took her purse, causing her to fall to the ground and sustain minor injuries.

The stolen purse contained more than $100 in cash along with several credit cards.

Disturbingly, the robbers proceeded to utilize the victim’s credit cards at different commercial establishments.

Investigators are urging anyone with information on the identity of these men to come forward and contact the police immediately.

The NYPD is treating this incident with utmost seriousness and has emphasized the severity of the crime.

The charges against the suspects could include attempted murder, assault, and criminal possession of a firearm.

The authorities are determined to bring these individuals to justice and ensure the safety of the community.

In the midst of this criminal investigation, the U.S.

House of Representatives may face a crucial decision regarding the future.

However, it is important to focus on the pressing matter at hand – identifying and apprehending the purse-snatching robbers.

The police urge anyone with relevant information to assist in their efforts and help protect the well-being of the Bronx residents.

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