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Studio City Homeowner Shocked as Artificial Turf is Stolen from Property

Studio City, May 9, 2023 – A bizarre incident unfolded in Studio City last week when a homeowner discovered that a portion of his artificial lawn had been stolen by turf thieves.

The incident has left residents bewildered and amused at the audacity of the culprits.

Filmmaker Bryan Michael Stoller, the victim of this unusual heist, recounted the incident with a touch of humor.

“I woke up one morning, taking the dog out for her morning walk, and she went to do her business.

We both realized that our lawn had been stolen,” he said.

A large strip of the artificial turf was taken from outside his Studio City townhome, leaving Stoller both surprised and dumbfounded.

The thieves, apparently well-versed in the intricacies of artificial turf, seemed to have encountered some difficulties during their illicit act.

Stoller observed, “I noticed that there was a corner where it looked like they couldn’t get the whole piece up, so it looks like a remains of a carpet pit, probably about 20 feet that they were not able to take.”

Stoller believes that removing the lawn must have required a certain level of expertise.

Artificial turf is secured with thousands of nails and special stakes, making it challenging to lift without the proper tools or knowledge.

“It must have been some kind of a special turf gang or somebody,” he speculated.

Despite the initial shock, Stoller found solace in sharing his experience on the Nextdoor app, where he brought a smile to his neighbors’ faces.

“I posted on Nextdoor for two reasons,” he explained.

“One, it was therapeutic, just to get my frustrations out.

The other reason was to see if someone would find it amusing or sympathize with me.” The post garnered a mix of laughter and sympathy from the community, providing a moment of levity in an otherwise disheartening situation.

According to Stoller, the stolen artificial lawn is valued at approximately $2,000.

Local law enforcement, contacted about the incident, confirmed they have not noticed an increase in similar thefts.

The case remains under investigation, and residents in Studio City are urged to remain vigilant to prevent any potential recurrence of this peculiar crime.

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