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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

In DC, a man was arrested across the street for wielding a weapon. Our reporter, Mark Meredith, is covering the story. Mark, what do we know so far? Good afternoon, John.

Just outside the US Senate Office Buildings, in a park between the Capitol and Union Station, the main train station here in DC, you can see behind me a white police car that says US Capitol police. That’s where the suspect is currently being held. The police are searching his personal belongings and the nearby park. Capitol Police received reports of a man with a gun a few minutes before 1:00 this afternoon.

There are indications that it was a rifle, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. Investigators were able to capture the suspect after a foot chase.

He is now in the back of that police car. Security in this area is always heightened, especially around Capitol Hill. It’s a busy area with a lot of pedestrians, many of whom go to Union Station for lunch.

There is no indication yet whether the suspect arrived in a car or on foot. The police will be searching the area to see if there is anything left behind. So far, it seems like this was an isolated incident involving one person. The suspect is currently being interviewed by detectives, but we don’t know the motive yet.

There is no specific threat to the people inside the US Capitol at this time. Thank you, Mark. Let’s go back to something else.

I’m Steve Duy, Brian Kilme, and Angley Aart. Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page for our latest interviews and analysis..

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