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Army Veteran Shot and Killed While Taking a Nap in His Car

Atlanta, GA – Tragedy struck last month when Korri Jackson, an Army veteran, was fatally shot while taking a nap in his car along Main Street in northwest Atlanta.

According to his family, Jackson was resting between his two jobs when an unidentified assailant opened fire, ending his life prematurely.

The incident occurred outside a set of townhomes, where Jackson had parked his car.

His family revealed that someone had attempted to break into the vehicle, and upon noticing Jackson inside, the perpetrator resorted to violence, shooting and killing him.

The heartbroken mother, Davis, expressed the excruciating pain the family has endured since the loss of her son, stating, “It’s been one hour at a time, one day at a time, you know? It hurts.

It hurts.”

Corey Jackson was a hardworking individual, dedicating himself to two jobs and tirelessly transitioning from one to the other.

On April 20th, after completing his first job, he stopped by his girlfriend’s house in northwest Atlanta to take a nap in his car.

Unfortunately, he awoke to the sound of his window being broken and was met with a fatal gunshot.

His family received the devastating news around six in the morning, initially hoping he had been injured and taken to the hospital.

However, their hopes were shattered as they were informed of his untimely demise.

Described as a kind and gentle soul, Jackson served as a civil engineer in both the Army and the National Guard.

Recently, he had received a promotion as a sales representative at his day job, demonstrating his dedication to his various roles.

His selflessness and willingness to help others impressed those around him.

Davis, his mother, shared her admiration, saying, “He was just everywhere for everybody, and it just amazed me how he was able to do that.”

The family is now seeking justice for the senseless act that claimed Jackson’s life.

They firmly believe that the perpetrator must be held accountable for their actions.

However, as of now, no arrests have been made in connection with the shooting.

The local authorities in northwest Atlanta are continuing their investigation into the tragic incident, hoping to gather more information that will lead them to the killer.

The loss of Korri Jackson serves as a painful reminder of the dangers faced by individuals in their everyday lives, and his family’s plea for justice resonates with the community.

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