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The U.S.

Army Corps of Engineers has announced that it will be pausing its plan to rename Buford Dam and Lake Lanier.

The decision comes after a federal commission was established last year to assign, modify, and remove names that commemorate the Confederacy.

The naming commission’s final report to Congress identified Buford Dam and Lake Lanier as meeting the criteria for renaming.

However, the Army Corps of Engineers has stated that it will be pausing any action related to the renaming project, pending further guidance from the Army.

This means that, for now, the names of the dam and lake will remain the same.

The issue of renaming Confederate memorials and symbols has been a contentious one in the United States in recent years.

Some argue that these names and symbols glorify a dark chapter in American history, while others believe that they are an important part of the country’s heritage.

It remains to be seen what further guidance the Army will provide on this issue and whether or not Buford Dam and Lake Lanier will ultimately be renamed.

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