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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

Today’s highlights are minimal. Tonight, a group of armed robbers are on the run after carjacking near the UW campus.

The victims’ friends claim that a picture from their Ring doorbell camera shows the individuals responsible for taking their friend’s car. The incident occurred yesterday at 1:30 PM near Sheppard and Hampshire.

12 News reporter Emily Pofahl is currently live in the area. Emily, this happened during broad daylight, so the neighbors must be shaken up. According to them, the most surprising aspect is that the victim is a rabbi who tutors children in the neighborhood.

Security camera photos from neighbors reveal that the incident took place in the victim’s driveway. To protect the rabbi’s privacy, the neighbors refused to share the full video or disclose his identity.

However, I personally observed the video, which depicted the rabbi in his traditional long black garments within his driveway. UW police state that four individuals approached him and demanded his vehicle. In the pictures, we can see three out of the four carjacking suspects wearing sweatshirts with their hoods up. Two of the suspects escaped in the victim’s vehicle while the other two fled in a white SUV.

I spoke with multiple people on the block who are acquainted with the rabbi. They informed me that the community is close-knit and disappointed to see this happen to him.

It was a horrible and disturbing incident that took place in broad daylight while the rabbi was likely unloading groceries or carrying out other activities. Nobody has the right to subject him to what he experienced – it was truly horrific.

Emily, the Milwaukee police have taken over the investigation and are still searching for the group responsible..

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