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Arizona Sheriff Works to Protect Ranchers Amid Border Tensions

Sheriff Mark Daniels of Cochise County, Arizona is working hard to protect ranchers who are feeling neglected and abandoned by the federal government amid rising tensions on the border.

The criminal case of a rancher who allegedly shot and killed a Mexican national who was on his property highlights the dangers of living near the border, with ranchers reporting constant surveillance by cartel smugglers.

While Sheriff Daniels and his team have arrested over 1,500 people for border crimes in his county, he insists that more needs to be done to secure the border and stop the cartels.

Ranchers in the area say they feel like prisoners on their own property and fear that the laws on the books are not protecting them.

Despite the challenges, Sheriff Daniels is committed to protecting the quality of life and liberties of ranchers in his county, and calls on all layers of government to work collectively to make a difference.

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