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Arizona experienced a series of water rescues recently, with several districts responding to stranded individuals and animals.

In one incident, the Sedona and Verde Valley Fire Districts rescued four people and two dogs who were stranded on top of a vehicle in Oak Creek.

Swift water rescue technician John Scafe stated that this rescue was unique due to the number of people involved.

He urged individuals to heed warning and closure signs, particularly in areas prone to flooding.

The flooding has not been limited to Sedona, as campers in Havasupai Villages were also forced to evacuate.

Additionally, three kayakers had to be rescued from the Salt River after being capsized by rough waters.

Both the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and Scafe urged individuals to have safety plans in place if they decide to go near high water levels.

They recommended wearing a life jacket and avoiding dangerous areas entirely if possible.

Despite the dangers, Scafe and Sergeant Joaquin Enriquez emphasized that emergency responders are trained and prepared to respond to water rescues.

However, they encouraged individuals to prioritize their safety and avoid taking unnecessary risks.

For more information on areas with high water levels, the public can download the First Alert Weather and AZ Family News app.

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