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Arizona Coyotes Arena Ballot Measures Fail in Tempe Entertainment District

In a recent special election held in Tempe, Arizona, three crucial ballot measures related to the development project known as the Tempe Entertainment District have failed to pass.

These measures were essential for the progress of the project, which included the construction of a new arena for the Arizona Coyotes, the local NHL team.

The election results indicate that approximately 56 to 57 percent of voters selected “No” on all three measures, while only 44 percent supported them.

The proposed $2 billion entertainment district, situated near Priest Drive and Rio Salado Parkway, aimed to revitalize the area and provide a significant financial boost to the city.

However, opponents of the project raised concerns about the funding, particularly the inclusion of tax breaks in the plan.

The controversy surrounding the financing and the potential impact on affordable housing prompted a diverse group of neighbors to come together in opposition to the development.

The Arizona Coyotes’ President and CEO expressed disappointment in the outcome of the election.

While acknowledging the efforts of volunteers, he mentioned that the franchise’s future will be evaluated by the team’s owners and the National Hockey League in the coming weeks.

The three propositions that needed to pass in order for the development project to proceed focused on city zoning, land use codes, and other necessary approvals.

The project envisioned the construction of a 16,000-seat arena, a practice facility for the Coyotes, a restaurant and retail center, a theater, and two hotels.

The opponents of the development project celebrated their victory, citing various reasons for their opposition, including concerns about tax breaks and the potential impact on affordable housing in the city.

These initial ballot results represent the votes cast up until the election day, with more ballots yet to be counted.

The additional ballots include those dropped off at the ballot boxes or mailed in, both in-person and absentee votes.

However, it is unlikely that the final count will change the outcome seen thus far.

The NHL Commissioner also expressed disappointment with the election results, aligning with the sentiments shared by the Arizona Coyotes’ CEO.

The National Hockey League stated its strong disappointment in the outcome of the public referendum regarding the Coyotes’ arena.

As the future of the development project remains uncertain, the community and stakeholders await further evaluations and decisions from the team’s ownership and the National Hockey League.

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