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Sad News for Arijit Singh Fans as Arijit Singh Admitted to Hospital in Serious Condition after Injury

Popular playback singer Arijit Singh has been admitted to the hospital in a serious condition following an injury he sustained during a live performance.

This unfortunate incident has left his fans saddened and praying for his swift recovery.

Known for his humility, Arijit faced a distressing situation at a recent concert in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

During the concert, a woman attempted to pull his hand, resulting in severe injury to Arijit.

Witnesses report that he was engaging with the audience when the incident occurred.

Despite the pain, Arijit displayed remarkable composure and addressed the fan with immense love and respect.

A video capturing the incident has surfaced online, garnering support from Arijit Singh’s loyal fan base.

In the video, Arijit, visibly hurt by the fan’s actions, expressed, “You were pulling me.

Come on stage.

Listen, I have been struggling, okay?” He further revealed that his hand was shaking due to the injury.

He emphasized the importance of both the audience and himself enjoying the concert, stating, “You are here to have fun, no problem.

But if I am not able to perform, you are not able to have fun.

You are pulling me like that…now my hands are shaking.

Should I leave? My hand is shaking now.

I can’t move my hand.”

Support poured in for Arijit Singh, with fans expressing their disappointment in the incident.

One fan commented, feeling ashamed, “Please respect, get well soon legend.” Despite the setback, Arijit decided to continue the concert, showcasing his professionalism and dedication to his craft.

The event took place at Riddhi Siddhi Landmark, where, coincidentally, another memorable moment occurred.

A girl proposed to her love in front of Arijit, leaving everyone in awe of his reaction.

Arijit Singh’s popularity as a playback singer in Bollywood remains unrivaled.

This incident raises questions about the behavior of fans and how Arijit handled the situation.

What are your thoughts on the actions of Arijit’s ardent fans and his response to them? As his supporters hope for his full recovery, they also reflect on the importance of respect and admiration for their favorite artists.

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