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Title: Thousands Expected to Cross US-Mexico Border as Title 42 Expires

As the expiration date for Title 42 approaches, U.S.

officials are bracing themselves for an influx of migrants crossing the border.

Behind the fences at the San Ysidro and Tijuana border, hundreds of people anxiously await the end of Title 42, an emergency order implemented during the pandemic to prevent undocumented migrants from entering the country.

With Thursday marking the expiration of Title 42, U.S.

officials are anticipating that thousands of individuals will attempt to cross the border each day.

CBS8’s Elizabeth Sanchez reports live from the scene, where she has witnessed a steady stream of volunteers offering assistance to asylum seekers on the other side of the fence.

Hungry, thirsty, and exhausted, these asylum seekers have been patiently waiting for the end of Title 42.

Among them is Brian Scott, a Jamaican immigrant who fled violence and persecution in his home country.

Scott firmly believes that staying in the U.S.

is a matter of life or death, even if it means enduring harsh conditions.

While some asylum seekers have managed to get in touch with family members who are currently in shelters and undergoing the asylum process, many face difficulties in establishing contact.

The uncertainty of not knowing their loved ones’ whereabouts has created additional stress and anxiety among the waiting migrants.

Catholic Charities in San Diego and Imperial County are operating three shelters for migrant asylum seekers, providing support to over 195,000 people from 122 countries.

Despite these efforts, the lack of communication between separated family members remains a significant concern.

As the expiration of Title 42 looms, Nina Douglas arrives at the border with food and water, concerned about the future.

The U.S.

government has not disclosed any plans to handle the anticipated surge of migrants once the emergency order expires, leaving many migrants and advocates anxious about the potential consequences.

Stories of violence and the forging of new friendships are shared among those waiting at the border.

Generous individuals like the Villa Nana family bring extra blankets and supplies, saddened by the fact that migrants cannot simply cross the border legally.

The exact number of migrants expected to cross remains uncertain, and both sides of the border are grappling with an unclear plan.

In the meantime, the Biden administration is working on establishing processing centers in Guatemala and Colombia.

This initiative will allow individuals to seek asylum in these countries before making their way to the U.S.

border, aiming to streamline the asylum process.

While there is no specific timeline for the setup of these processing centers, efforts are being made to expedite the process.

Additionally, Mexico has pledged to assist non-Mexican migrants who are deported from the U.S., providing support upon their return.

As the expiration of Title 42 draws near, the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border remains complex and uncertain, with the plight of asylum seekers hanging in the balance.

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