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Anti-war protests took place in various parts of the United States on Saturday, coinciding with the 20-year anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

In Chicago, a group of around two dozen protesters gathered on the chilly riverfront, expressing their opposition to capitalism, racism, and imperialism, as well as their disagreement with politicians, the Pentagon, and military spending.

They also spoke out against the use of the word “we” when discussing the possibility of a direct war with Russia or China, saying that the people of the United States don’t need any war with Russia.

The protesters were also against the U.S.’s support of Ukraine and called for the abolition of NATO.

They emphasized that the challenges of the world don’t need to be addressed by force, and instead called for money earmarked for military spending to be used to build affordable housing, provide better healthcare, and hire more teachers.

Despite some repeating Russian propaganda about Ukraine, the demonstrators remained committed to their anti-war message.

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