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US and Russian Jets in Dangerous Encounter over Black Sea American Red Cross Honors March as Month of Humanitarian Service

American Red Cross celebrates March as Red Cross Month

President Roosevelt proclaimed March as Red Cross Month in 1943, and since then, the humanitarian mission of the American Red Cross has continued to grow.

Diane Peters-Nguyen, Chief Executive Officer of the American Red Cross, Pacific Islands region, spoke to Brigette Namata of Hawaii News about the impact of the Red Cross on the island community.

Peters-Nguyen mentioned that the Red Cross is ready and available 24/7, and that they currently have five members from Hawaii assisting in responding to atmospheric rivers in California that have caused significant damage.

Apart from responding to disasters and emergencies, the American Red Cross also engages in preparedness and education, offering programs for schools, businesses, and individuals on CPR and first aid.

The organization also has a program with the service to the armed forces, where they provide emergency communications with active duty and veteran military personnel and their families.

Being the Hawaii chapter of the American Red Cross, Peters-Nguyen stated that they face unique challenges, considering that they are located on the most isolated land mass in the entire world.

One particular challenge that Peters-Nguyen highlighted is the difficulty of bringing in resources to the island.

During the pandemic, the American Red Cross had to ramp up their efforts in the middle of a hurricane threat, which was the closest miss ever to Oahu.

Peters-Nguyen stated that the Red Cross colleagues on the mainland supported them in every way possible remotely, considering that sending a team would be impractical due to quarantine requirements.

Peters-Nguyen urged individuals who want to volunteer or donate to visit the American Red Cross website, where they can find more information about how to get involved.

The organization needs volunteers in different fields, not just shelter volunteers, and donations are always appreciated.

March is a month-long celebration of the American Red Cross, and their keeping day is set for next week Wednesday, the 22nd.

Peters-Nguyen emphasized that they need all the help they can get to continue their noble mission.

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