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An Amazon driver has been arrested in Calabasas after allegedly stealing a “very large” check from a homeowner’s porch while making a delivery.

The incident was captured on home surveillance video, shocking the homeowners who discovered the theft.

The incident occurred in a gated community, where the driver dropped off several packages before noticing the check left under a doormat.

The driver can be seen on the video dragging the check and eventually scooping it up before leaving in his van.

The homeowners realized the check was missing when the subcontractor arrived and couldn’t find it.

They immediately checked their security cameras, filed a police report, and informed their neighborhood community watch group.

The following day, one of their neighbors recognized the individual in the video and contacted the sheriff’s department.

Deputies arrested the suspect, who was still in the Calabasas area delivering packages.

Surprisingly, the driver still had the homeowners’ check in his company vehicle when apprehended.

The homeowners expressed their astonishment at the driver’s actions, considering the prevalence of security cameras in the neighborhood.

Authorities are investigating whether the driver is still employed by Amazon and are working to confirm his identity.

There are also reports of a similar check theft in the Woodland Hills community, and investigators are looking into a possible connection between the arrested driver and that incident.

Residents in the area are urged to review their security camera footage if they have experienced any recent missing items.

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