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Amador County in California is facing a serious issue with copper wire theft, causing significant disruptions to emergency services.

AT&T’s network has experienced a shutdown in the county, raising concerns about the potential for life-threatening situations.

The rise in copper wire theft has been observed in recent years, but the situation in Amador County has escalated to an alarming level.

Stockton’s mayor emphasized the urgency of putting an end to this problem, as the county has unfortunately earned the dubious distinction of being the number one location for wire theft in the country.

Elected officials and law enforcement are determined to crack down on this criminal activity, particularly the theft of wires from fiber cables.

These cables are crucial for providing essential services like Wi-Fi, cell phone connectivity, and emergency calls to 911 centers.

The impact of these thefts on the community’s ability to communicate is considered unacceptable.

The seriousness of the situation was highlighted by the discovery of a telephone pole split in half with wires strewn on the ground, just a short distance from where authorities were addressing the issue.

Sheriff Withrow explained that the thieves responsible for these thefts lack sophistication and often don’t realize the potential dangers they expose themselves to.

In some instances, they unwittingly cut power lines that carry electricity.

While backup plans exist to redirect emergency calls, this incident underscores the severity of the problem.

In response to the escalating issue, the state of California is being urged to enact stricter laws that provide a significant deterrent for these criminals.

However, local officials are not solely relying on legislation but are also seeking community assistance.

AT&T has offered a $5,000 reward for any information related to copper theft, and they are cooperating with law enforcement agencies to address the problem.

Local authorities are also considering implementing new county ordinances and increasing the use of surveillance cameras to combat copper wire theft.

There is a collective agreement among officials from different levels of government that immediate action is necessary.

The objective is to halt this criminal activity before it results in tragic consequences.

To encourage citizen involvement, the $5,000 reward for information related to copper theft will be valid until next May.

Additionally, leaders are exploring ways to hold recycling centers accountable for purchasing stolen copper wire, further dissuading thieves from engaging in this illegal trade.

If you possess any information about copper theft, you are urged to report it to law enforcement or call 800-807-4205.

The community’s cooperation is essential in addressing this pressing issue and safeguarding the integrity of emergency services in Amador County.

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