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Alta and Snowbird Ski Resorts in Utah have closed early due to potentially hazardous weather conditions.

The closure comes ahead of a storm approaching the northern part of the state.

The storm is having a significant impact on higher elevations, and the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) made the call to close Little Cottonwood Canyon at 7 pm.

This closure led to the early closure of Alta and Snowbird at 3:30 pm.

UDOT wants people to be out of the canyon before the storm hits to avoid any risk.

The closure also means that the town of Alta goes into interlodge at 9 pm.

Interlodge confines everyone within the town limits to a building until the interlodge closure has been lifted.

Officials have asked people to follow the rules to keep everyone safe.

It is crucial not to drive up the canyon and park overnight during such weather conditions as it can be dangerous.

The Fox 13 news reporter, Mythili Gooby, reports that this kind of closure is unusual, but it was necessary to ensure the safety of the skiers and people in the area.

The ski resorts struggled today with strong winds, making it challenging to keep the lifts open.

The resorts will be shut down for the night, and Avalanche control work will be done first thing in the morning.

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