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Almost Half of California is Now Drought-Free, but it Could Worsen Wildfire Season

According to the latest update from the U.S.

Drought Monitor, almost half of California is now drought-free, which is a significant improvement from October last year when 94% of the state suffered from severe drought or worse.

This progress is due to recent heavy rainfall that has moistened soils, helped to restore healthy vegetation, and fill reservoirs.


Pat Abbott, a geologist at San Diego State University, said that this change is a wonderful thing after three years of drought, but it could also have negative consequences for the upcoming wildfire season.

With the new vegetation acting as fuel, more heat and dry spells could lead to more mega fires, which California is used to.

Although there is an upcoming atmospheric river predicted to bring more rain, Abbott emphasized that only time will tell whether the wet start to the year will backfire.

While the rain has brought some downsides such as cliff collapses and broken water pipes, the benefits of healthy plants and reservoirs filled with water outweigh the losses.

ABC 10 News reporter Moses Small noted that meteorologists, along with the National Weather Service, are predicting drier conditions in both April and May, which could worsen the wildfire risk.

It’s crucial to remain vigilant and continue to take necessary precautions to prevent wildfires from devastating communities and ecosystems.

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