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In honor of Women’s History Month, an all-female flight soared above Hampton Roads, led by the helicopter sea combat squadron HSC-11, also known as The Dragon Slayers.

The squadron operates the MH-60 S chopper and is based at Naval Station Norfolk.

The squadron’s main mission is search and rescue, as well as combat logistics, transporting supplies from ship to ship or shore.

The helicopter is equipped with flirs, which can detect personnel from afar, and a glass cockpit with two sets of flight controls.

The aircraft also has serious firepower, with one hellfire AGM-114 missile on the left-hand side and a missile pod on the right-hand side that can carry up to 19 missiles.

The helicopter also has the capability to mount a 20 millimeter machine gun on the left-hand side.

The Squadron is also supported by women mechanics like Mel Martinez and Nicole Kennedy, who are breaking down barriers in the male-dominated field of the Navy.

News 3 anchor Blaine Stewart had exclusive access to the all-female flight, and the coverage aired on News 3 this morning.

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