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APD Speaks on Homicides: A Look at Albuquerque’s Crime Statistics

Albuquerque police reported a decrease in violent and property crime, but murder rates saw a 71% increase over a span of six years.

While the city still has a homicide problem, the Albuquerque Police Department (APD) is actively tracking trends to help target potential homicide offenders.

In 2022, APD investigated 120 homicides, the highest reported for a single year.

This is a concern for many, but the department is taking steps to address the issue.

They are intervening with low-level offenders who could potentially become homicide offenders, getting the courts involved, and holding them accountable at that level.

One trend that APD is seeing is social media disputes.

This has been referenced before in relation to homicides.

As of today, 15 homicide cases have been reported compared to 27 this time last year.

While this is a positive trend, APD acknowledges that the months of June, July, and August are typically some of the toughest months when it comes to homicides.

Overall, APD is optimistic about the direction the city is moving in, and they are committed to continuing their efforts to reduce crime and make Albuquerque a safer place for all.

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