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An Albuquerque man wanted for a shooting in southern New Mexico engaged in a shootout with police in another state, resulting in his death.

The incident took place near Mount Vernon, Illinois, and was captured on video.

The confrontation began when Illinois state troopers stopped to assist a couple in a broken-down SUV along Interstate 64.

However, the man and woman provided false identities, raising suspicions.

Eventually, the troopers identified the man as Brandon Griffin from Lincoln County, New Mexico.

Griffin was accused of trespassing on private property and firing shots at the property owner but had failed to appear in court.

His wife, Christine Santos, was with him during the incident in Illinois.

The video shows a scuffle between the officers and Griffin as they tried to apprehend him and prevent Santos from reentering the car.

Santos pleaded with the officers to release her husband, while Griffin resisted arrest.

Backup was called as the officers struggled to control the couple.

Griffin managed to break free and made his way back to the car, prompting one of the officers to tase him.

However, the situation escalated when Griffin opened fire, striking and injuring one of the officers.

In response, the officer’s partner returned fire as Griffin dove into the car.

Griffin was later found dead inside the vehicle, while Santos was taken into custody.

The injured officer has been released from the hospital, and Santos remains incarcerated in Illinois.

Santos is also wanted in connection with the New Mexico case.

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