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Albuquerque Man Accused of Stealing Expensive Items from Amazon Warehouse

An Albuquerque man has been charged with embezzlement after allegedly stealing pricey items from Amazon’s vast warehouse on the West Mesa.

The accused, Alex Barrett, was identified as a picker, one of the warehouse workers who select items from the never-ending parade of robotic pods for packaging and shipping.

The theft was caught on video, showing just how extensively the company tracks its products.

Amazon’s investigators had evidence of an Apple Watch and a couple of pairs of Beats Earbuds disappearing, and Barrett eventually admitted to swiping a few pairs of earphones and selling some of the loot.

Deputies confronted Barrett at the job site after company supervisors called to report the case.

Although they offered him an option that didn’t include a trip to jail that night, Barrett never turned himself in.

There is still a warrant out for his arrest.

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