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Akron Grandmother Killed While Moving Table That Landed on I-76

An Akron grandmother, known for her kindness and helpfulness towards others, was struck and killed by a car as she attempted to remove a table that had landed on I-76.

The 58-year-old grandma, Carsey Lee, was trying to protect other drivers on the Kenmore leg of the highway on a Sunday morning when the tragedy occurred.

Karen Ellis, who was on the phone with Lee at the time, urged her not to move the table that had likely fallen off a vehicle.

Despite the warning, Lee got out of her car and tried to move the table.

Moments later, a 23-year-old driver hit Lee on I-76.

The driver is not expected to face charges.

Lee’s family and the police are reminding drivers of the importance of securing items they are hauling in their cars or trucks.

Bungee cords and straps are inexpensive and can be bought at any hardware store.

It only takes a moment to secure the load properly and consider other motorists.

Police stress that if drivers see debris on the road, they should drive around it if they can safely and not get out of their car.

Instead, they should call 911.

While Lee’s family cannot change what happened, they take comfort knowing that her last act of kindness will be remembered as another way she tried to help others.

She died making sure that someone else wouldn’t get hurt.

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