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In a dramatic turn of events, air raid sirens sounded across Ukraine as the struggle between the Russian Army and the Ukrainian Army in Eastern Ukraine escalated.

While the Russian Army launched offensives in an attempt to advance, the Ukrainian Army successfully halted their progress through defensive operations on multiple fronts.

The Russian Army, which has been facing a lack of significant successes recently, resorted to an air strike on the night of May 15 and 16.

This sudden escalation led to the activation of Ukrainian air defense systems and the issuance of air attack warnings throughout the country.

The first air raid warning was issued at 2:24 AM in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, where sounds of explosions were heard.

Andriy Yarmak, the head of the Ukrainian presidential office, stated that the Ukrainian Defense Forces targeted Russian planes in response to the air strike.

He also urged the public to document the events by capturing videos and photos.

At 3:15 PM, the warnings of air strikes spread across Ukraine, heightening the sense of urgency and concern among the population.

However, following successful actions by the Air Defense Forces, the air raid warnings were eventually canceled throughout Ukraine at 5:42 PM, bringing a temporary relief to the anxious citizens.

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