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GROPING CASES: Adams Expected to Give First Substantial Remarks on Neely’s Death

New York City Mayor Adams is set to address the public regarding the tragic subway death of Jordan Neely, which has sparked outrage and brought attention to issues of homelessness and mental illness in the city.

Anthony Carlo provides more details on the mayor’s anticipated comments on this incident.

The investigation into Neely’s death has been ongoing for over a week, with mounting pressure from the public to file criminal charges.

Mayor Adams has made a commitment to address the problems of homelessness and mental health, which have been at the center of this case.

Public Advocate Williams and Comptroller Will be calling for charges in a press conference at the Broadway-Lafayette subway station, where Neely was killed on May 1st.

The incident has ignited protests throughout the city.

The video footage of Daniel Penny, a Marine veteran, putting Neely, a street performer who had fallen on hard times, in a chokehold has caused controversy.

Penny claims self-defense, alleging that Neely had harassed and threatened him and others.

However, many view Neely’s death as unjust.

Neely had a history of cycling in and out of psychiatric facilities, which his attorney states Penny was unaware of when he applied the chokehold.

District Attorney Alvin Bragg emphasizes the need for the investigation to proceed without interference, assuring that the facts will be carefully scrutinized behind closed doors.

The timing of the grand jury review of the evidence remains uncertain, fueling public pressure for swift action.

The district attorney continues to interview witnesses, with one individual recently coming forward to describe how they attempted to pour water on Neely’s lifeless body as he lay on the ground.

The mayor’s forthcoming address is highly anticipated, as it is expected to shed light on the city’s approach to addressing homelessness and mental health concerns.

The public and top elected officials have been critical of the handling of these issues, making Mayor Adams’ remarks crucial in addressing the community’s concerns.

Further updates on this developing story will be provided as more information becomes available.

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