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Actor Pedro Pascal Responds to Viral Coffee Order Video

Pedro Pascal, known for his roles in “The Mandalorian” and “The Last of Us,” recently became the subject of internet fascination after a video of him ordering coffee with an excessive amount of caffeine went viral on TikTok.

The video revealed that the actor had ordered six shots of espresso at a Starbucks.

In a recent interaction with paparazzi, Pascal addressed the online commotion surrounding his coffee order in a lighthearted manner.

When asked how many shots of coffee he had in his cup, Pascal joked that he had 12 shots.

It remains unclear whether he was being serious or not.

Regardless, the initial video of Pascal’s coffee order caused quite a stir online, with many fans expressing shock and concern over the amount of caffeine in his drink.

Pascal’s response to the viral video suggests that he is taking the attention in stride.

Fans of the actor can catch him in upcoming projects, including “The Last of Us” TV series and the superhero film “The Flash.”

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