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“Stop Cop City” Activists File Referendum to Allow Atlanta Residents to Vote on Public Safety Training Facility

Atlanta, GA – In a bid to amplify their fight against the proposed public safety training facility, activists from the “Stop Cop City” movement are seeking public support through a ballot referendum.

Organizers officially submitted the necessary paperwork at Atlanta City Hall on Wednesday morning, signaling their determination to take the matter directly to the citizens.

The activists firmly believe that the majority of Atlanta residents oppose the construction of the controversial project and want their voices heard.

By advocating for a ballot initiative, they aim to empower the public to decide the fate of the public safety training center.

Members of the Vote to Stop Cop City Coalition launched their referendum campaign on the steps of Atlanta City Hall, expressing confidence in the legal process.

“We are here filing a referendum as we speak, calling for a ballot initiative for the people to decide and vote on ending this lease to stop Cop City,” declared one of the coalition members.

They highlighted that similar processes have successfully unfolded in places with more conservative inclinations, emphasizing the viability of their approach.

The coalition filed the necessary paperwork with the Atlanta City Clerk’s Office, officially initiating the ballot initiative to allow voters to determine the future of the planned public safety training center.

This move represents the group’s latest effort to halt the controversial project, which has garnered widespread opposition.

“We are going to take our fight to the ballot box, and we believe we will win,” stated a determined activist from the coalition.

The public referendum seeks to repeal the lease agreement for 381 acres of land granted to the Atlanta Police Foundation for the construction of the facility.

Over the next two months, organizers will work diligently to gather more than 75,000 signatures in order to qualify for the ballot in November.

Simultaneously, other groups are exploring legal avenues to impede the project, including challenging the land’s usage and claiming sovereignty rights.

“We will continue to fight back and combat the idea that Cop City will be built.

There are various other avenues we will explore, ranging from environmental concerns to the original owners of the land asserting their sovereignty,” affirmed an organizer.

As the referendum campaign gains momentum, activists remain resolute in their objective to allow Atlanta residents to make an informed decision regarding the future of the public safety training facility.

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