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Activist with cerebral palsy requests more inclusion from President AMLO

Daniel Robles, an activist who has cerebral palsy, attended Mexican President López Obrador’s morning conference today to advocate for a more inclusive society.

He requested the president’s support in improving urban and educational accessibility for people with disabilities.

Daniel conveyed his message using a device with synthesized voice that he controls with his gaze, as he cannot speak, walk, or move.

“I want to contribute to the construction of a more just, inclusive, and accessible country, and I would also like to be allowed to come on some other day.

I think that for 10 hours of weekly conferences, five minutes of inclusion would be an excellent idea and would not harm anyone,” said Daniel.

He also requested communication boards with catalogs of images for non-verbal individuals like himself and asked for furniture in public and private restrooms for changing the diapers of adults with disabilities or health problems.

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