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Accidentally Donated Camera Returned to Anthem Woman

An Anthem woman, Kelsey Lease, who was heartbroken after accidentally donating her $3,000 camera to Goodwill in Anthem, has received a happy update.

Yesterday, we told you about Kelsey’s story, where she had saved up for the camera and already taken a full SD card full of memories with it.

Unfortunately, the camera was accidentally donated to Goodwill for $70 when Kelsey drove hours to return it.

Although the photos were already deleted, Kelsey knew that specialists could retrieve the data.

Fortunately, a couple in Prescott Valley saw our story on the @azfamily YouTube channel and got in touch with Kelsey.

They had realized they had bought the camera at Goodwill for $70 to get a better deal.

After they drove hours to return the camera and found out that the photos were deleted, they had specialists retrieve the data.

Not all the photos came back, but many of them did.

Kelsey probably knows that they can email Jared for all the advice she has given.

It gave the couple a $600 reward for their efforts.

Kelsey Lease is now relieved to have her camera back, thanks to the couple’s kindness and the power of technology.

She can continue capturing new memories with this new technology being put in place in the field.

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