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A Sampling of the Long History of Trump’s Misogyny

In a recent segment on Morning Joe, a look at Donald Trump’s long history of misogyny was presented, highlighting various instances from his past.

The evidence presented ranged from his controversial remarks on the Access Hollywood tape to his comments during debates.

The segment aimed to shed light on Trump’s attitude towards women, an issue that has been a subject of scrutiny throughout his political career.

During the show, a clip was played where Trump, as the owner of a pageant, described his backstage access and how he would take advantage of the situation by inspecting the contestants, even when they were undressed.

He admitted to being automatically attracted to beautiful women and boasted about being able to kiss them without consequence, asserting that when you’re a star, women let you do anything.

This shocking revelation was followed by another clip where Trump crudely discussed grabbing women by their genitals.

The segment further highlighted Trump’s derogatory language towards women, including instances where he referred to women he disliked as “fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals.” His Twitter account was also mentioned, showcasing his derogatory remarks towards comedian Rosie O’Donnell.

The show also touched upon an incident where Trump made an offensive comment about Hillary Clinton during a debate, insinuating that she had “blood coming out of her eyes” and “blood coming out of her wherever.”

The report then delved into Trump’s pattern of insulting women based on their physical appearance.

Examples were given, such as his derogatory comments about Carly Fiorina’s face during the 2016 election campaign.

Trump’s disparaging remarks about former Miss Universe, Alina Machado, and Jessica Leeds, who accused him of sexual assault, were also highlighted.

The segment concluded with a recent incident involving Trump’s Twitter attack on Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Trump referred to her as a “lightweight” senator who would do anything for campaign contributions.

Gillibrand responded, calling his tweet a sexist smear attempt and vowing not to be silenced on the issue.

In addition to these instances, the report briefly mentioned footage from 1992, found in the NBC archives, which showed Trump welcoming Jeffrey Epstein to his Mar-a-Lago estate.

The segment pointed out that this encounter occurred more than a decade before Epstein faced charges related to prostitution in Florida.

The purpose of the segment was to provide a sampling of Trump’s long history of misogyny, raising awareness of his controversial comments and behavior towards women.

The report aimed to shed light on a significant aspect of Trump’s persona, especially given his status as the Republican front-runner for the presidency once again.

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