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In the past 90 minutes, new details have emerged about a 9-year-old boy who was tragically killed in Chandler this morning while waiting to cross the street with his father. Thank you for joining us late on this Saturday night. I’m Jonathan McCall, and our 12 News journalist Jade Cunningham brings us the latest updates.

Good evening. We now know that the young boy who lost his life is 9-year-old Eli Peterson. According to a family spokesperson, he was an exceptional young man.

His father, Aaron Peterson, was also struck by one of the vehicles but has since been released from the hospital and is expected to recover. The spokesperson described the Peterson family as incredible, mentioning that they had spent their summer in Ukraine assisting other families. Before the crash occurred, the father and son were attending a festival nearby. The collision took place around 10:30 am at Ray and Coronado, just east of the 10 freeway.

Chandler police have reported that a vehicle, potentially making a left turn, collided with another car. As a result, one of the vehicles mounted the sidewalk and hit Eli and his father.

Both authorities and acquaintances of the family have expressed that this incident is a heartbreaking tragedy. Currently, the investigation is not focused on criminal aspects.

Neither driver is suspected of impairment, and the accident is being treated as a very sad vehicular collision. Chandler police are still looking into the crash, and no citations or charges have been issued thus far. The family spokesperson emphasizes the importance of appreciating our loved ones, as this event serves as a stark reminder of how quickly things can change. Stay tuned to 12 News on our broadcast and online platforms for further updates on this developing story in Chandler.

This is Jade Cunningham reporting for 12 News..

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