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86-Year-Old San Diego Bowler Invited to National Senior Games

An 86-year-old bowler from San Diego is set to fulfill his dream as he receives an invitation to compete in the National Senior Games in Pittsburgh this July.

Jack Stevenson, with an impressive average of 188, has previously participated in the local Senior Olympics and is now thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase his skills on a national level.

Jack’s passion for bowling began at the age of 16, and despite the decline of bowling alleys in San Diego, he has remained dedicated to his beloved sport.

“We get together every week and do this.

It’s more for the camaraderie, the fun,” he expressed.

With nearly 70 years of experience under his belt, Jack’s average score has steadily improved over time, reaching an impressive 188.

His outstanding performance in the local Senior Olympics caught the attention of organizers, leading to an invitation to the National Senior Games.

Jack considers this opportunity an incredible honor and is grateful for the chance to participate.

“It’s quite an honor.

I really appreciate it,” he said.

Jack acknowledges the remarkable activity and vitality of today’s seniors, remarking, “They are amazing things.

That there are so many seniors today that are so active, and it’s really very encouraging.” Despite his age, Jack feels healthy and continues to roll strikes with enthusiasm.

He plans to keep bowling for as long as possible, emphasizing the fun and joy it brings him.

To fund his trip to the Senior Games, Jack is seeking support from the community.

Those interested in helping him can contribute to his fundraising efforts.

Jack’s determination and passion for bowling serve as an inspiration to others, reminding us that age is just a number when pursuing our dreams.

In July, Jack will join other senior athletes from across the country in Pittsburgh, where he hopes to showcase his skills and make a lasting impression.

His journey to the National Senior Games represents the resilience and determination of older adults who continue to pursue their passions and defy expectations.

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