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Milwaukee’s Convention Center is currently undergoing a massive expansion project that is expected to be completed next year.

Despite being a year away from completion, the $456 million project is already generating business and creating 1,100 on-site construction jobs.

The expansion project includes the doubling of the convention space, 24 new meeting rooms, 400 indoor parking spaces, and a rooftop ballroom with dining facilities that provide stunning views of the city.

Marty Brooks, the President and CEO of the Wisconsin Center District, highlights that the expansion project is not only about meeting the needs of convention visitors but also about improving West Town and driving people to the Deer District.

The project is expected to bring in over a hundred thousand people annually, and the expansion will include gender-neutral restrooms to accommodate large groups of people.

The funding for the project comes from a county hotel sales tax and a food and beverage tax.

Additionally, 25% of the construction is being done by minority-owned businesses, including those owned by women and disabled veterans.

The construction is expected to be completed in time for the Republican National Convention in July 2024, with a grand opening event in May of the same year.

With deadlines approaching, the project is on full display in downtown Milwaukee.

Visitors can take photos in the King of the World corner on the top floor, which overlooks the city and is expected to be a prominent Instagram moment.

Despite the higher construction costs, Marty Brooks says he expects to finish at or below the price tag of $456 million.

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