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American Aid Worker Released After Six-Year Captivity in Niger

The White House announced on Monday that American aid worker Jeff Woodke has been released after being held hostage in Niger for over six years.

Woodke, a minister and missionary who was based in the region, was detained in October 2016.

It is unclear who his captors were, but it is believed that some offshoot of Al Qaeda may have been involved in his capture.

Woodke’s release came just a few days after Secretary of State Anthony Blinken visited Niger and other parts of Africa.

Woodke’s wife had been outspoken in recent years about her husband’s captors and what they were looking for.

There is no word yet on whether there was any negotiating involved in his release.

Woodke is one of several Americans who remain wrongfully detained across the world.

The most notable case is that of Paul Whelan in Russia, but there are others in Iran, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia as well.

While it is not yet known who exactly secured Woodke’s release, there was also an announcement in France that a French journalist who was being held captive in the same region had also been released.

It is possible that more than one country was involved in the negotiations.

The State Department has an office responsible for negotiating the release of hostages and has been working on the cases of several other Americans.

Details about Woodke’s captivity and release are still emerging, but the news of his release is an encouraging sign.

It remains to be seen whether any other hostages will be released soon.

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