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The mother of one of the teenagers killed in a car crash on March 15th has spoken out about the tragedy.

Jennifer Brindle’s daughter, Hannah, was driving the car when it crashed due to slippery conditions.

The car hit a curb and a boulder, causing it to flip over, and Hannah, along with two other teens, died.

One person survived.

All of the teens were wearing their seatbelts.

In an interview with Team 12’s Jade Cunningham, Jennifer Brindle described the last time she saw her daughter.

Hannah had gone to the mall with one of the other girls involved in the crash, and they had returned home after getting their nails done.

They left to meet up with friends, and Jennifer remembers them both looking happy and beautiful before leaving.

Hannah’s mother said her daughter was passionate about cars and always drove with care, despite being a young driver.

She believes that changes are needed to prevent similar accidents from happening again.

“No parent should ever have to do that,” said Jade Cunningham as she signed off.

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