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WARNING: The following article contains graphic content.

Body camera footage was released on Thursday by the Attorney General of New Jersey, providing a disturbing glimpse into the police-involved confrontation that resulted in the shooting death of Najee Seabrooks.

Seabrooks, an anti-gun violence activist, was in the midst of a mental health crisis when police arrived at his apartment in Paterson, New Jersey on March 3rd.

The video shows officers attempting to reason with Seabrooks and offering him medical help, while his family members plead with him to cooperate.

Seabrooks, however, claimed he had a loaded gun and continued to call 911 multiple times throughout the hours-long ordeal.

At one point, he even cut himself with a knife and flooded the floor by leaving water running.

In the more than four hours since the initial call, more officers arrived with guns drawn and larger rifles.

The situation escalated when Seabrooks lunged at the officers with a knife, prompting them to shoot and ultimately kill him.

Seabrooks’ friends and family are now left questioning why he had to die this way, and many are calling for increased mental health resources for those in crisis.

The release of the body cam footage may provide some answers but also raises further questions about the police response to the situation.

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