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Residents in San Clemente, California were evacuated from four residential structures after a hillside collapsed at the rear of their properties.

This occurred just one day after Orange County officials declared a local state of emergency.

The collapse damaged the residents’ homes and sent debris sliding down the edge of the hill.

The affected buildings have been red-tagged due to fears they could slide down an unstable cliffside.

One of the buildings is shown in the video footage taken from Buena Vista.

The situation is still considered unstable, and there is a possibility of further slumping on the unstable hillside.

The City has people out there assessing the situation, and a geologist has already visited the site.

The US Congressman is now asking President Biden to get involved in this situation and other problems here in Orange County.

He mentioned this situation in Buena Vista and asked for Orange County and some additional counties to be added to the Presidential Emergency Declaration that Biden has already given for some counties in California.

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