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Eight families have filed a lawsuit against a school district on the Far South Side of Chicago, alleging that their children were physically and mentally abused by a teacher at an elementary school.

The lawsuit was filed last Wednesday and attorneys with the Cochran Firm said that a whistleblower came to them a month ago with the allegations.

The lawsuit, which is 14 pages long, does not name the teacher or principal involved in the alleged abuse.

According to attorneys, the abuse has been an open secret and has been going on for several years, perhaps even two decades.

The students who were allegedly abused are in kindergarten through second grade and have different developmental and physical disabilities along with learning disorders.

Attorneys have reason to believe that the teacher used items in pictures to hurt the children.

The teacher allegedly struck the students with her hands, wooden rulers, and other devices and would threaten physical harm when the children had difficulty completing an assignment or task.

The lawsuit also claims that the teacher would threaten the students by saying, “the longer you cry, the longer I will hit you.” One parent believes her 5-year-old daughter was not only physically hurt but also sexually abused.

The teacher was removed from the classroom last month, but it is not clear what her employment status is.

CPS cannot comment on pending litigation but said they are committed to the safety and well-being of their students and are investigating the issue.

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