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Police release chilling surveillance footage of Tennessee school shooting that claimed six lives, including three children. Senate Staffer Stabbed in Vicious Random Attack in DC Neighborhood

After 31 years, justice may finally be served for a slain infant found dead in a dumpster in Picayune, Mississippi.

The case was reopened in 2021 by Rhonda Johnson, a detective from the Picayune Police Department, after stumbling upon evidence that had been overlooked.

The infant’s body was discovered by a farmer in a trash bag behind a pizza joint in Fiction, Mississippi.

Police believe the murder was committed in Louisiana before the body was placed in the dumpster.

Thanks to DNA evidence, the child’s parents, Inger and Andrew Carey, were identified and arrested on first-degree murder charges in Jefferson Parish.

The case was worked on by multiple law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and Louisiana State Police.

The community, which had fully funded a headstone and funeral for the child, finally has some closure after 30 long years.

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