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29-year-old woman appears in court for posing as high school student in New Jersey

A 29-year-old woman named Hai Jung Shin appeared in court for the first time after posing as a high school student in New Jersey.

Investigators say she attended classes for four days before being caught.

Shin’s defense attorney claims that she was lonely in the country, having come to the US from South Korea as a teenager.

Shin, a Rutgers University graduate, allegedly longed for the kinds of friendships she had in high school, which led to her decision to pose as a student.

Her attorney hopes that the charges will be dropped and has applied for the PTI program on her behalf.

Despite not posing a danger to any students or the public, Shin received a grand jury indictment for false documents and hindering her own prosecution.

Shin’s next court date is pending, and it is uncertain whether she will be accepted into the pre-trial Intervention Program.

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