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28-year-old Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter Charges

A 28-year-old man named Scotty Old Horse has pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in a tragic incident that occurred in November 2022.

The crime took place in South Dakota, where Old Horse admitted to hitting a man with his SUV, pinning him against an apartment building.

Unfortunately, the victim was later found dead.

According to court documents, the incident unfolded in the heat of passion after the victim, whose identity remains undisclosed, confronted Old Horse and shouted at him while throwing a sweatshirt.

In response to the confrontation, Old Horse struck the man with his vehicle, resulting in the fatal outcome.

The state’s attorney has confirmed that Old Horse’s in-home daycare has been closed, presumably due to the legal proceedings.

As part of a plea deal, a second-degree murder charge against Old Horse was dropped in exchange for his guilty plea to voluntary manslaughter.

Old Horse, now 28 years old, could face a maximum sentence of 15 years in federal prison.

The sentencing will take place at a later date, determined by the court.

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