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Children in Alice, Texas, were provided with an exciting and unique opportunity to learn about various work trucks and equipment at a “Touch-a-Truck” event.

The event gave kids a chance to get inside and explore different city trucks that they usually see around town, such as the Alice Fire Rescue Department EMS vans, tractors, border patrol vehicles, and more.

In total, 25 trucks were present at the event, providing children with a fun and educational experience.

Research supports the idea that hands-on learning is effective, and this event provided children with the opportunity to touch and feel the equipment they were learning about.

According to Pastor Moreno of Alice, who helped organize the event, “When I heard Touch a Truck and it was explained to me, I was like, oh man that’s really cool.

I mean, that’s when the synapses kind of connect, and kids really process when they can actually put their hands on things.”

Pastor Moreno hopes to make the Touch-a-Truck event an annual occurrence, bringing the kids and the community together for a great time.

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