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Mother Arrested as Son Severely Beaten, While She Gets Nails Done Survivor of Terrifying Machete Attack Testifies in Tampa Trial


A 16-year-old girl was robbed and kidnapped at gunpoint by three young men in their late teens in the Trestle Glen neighborhood of Oakland over the weekend.

According to the victim’s brother, the perpetrators stole her iPhone and purse before luring her into their car.

The girl was held captive by the group and taken on a crime spree around Oakland, looking for potential victims to rob and ATM machines to raid.

The group eventually released her in a residential neighborhood near Highway 518, and she later contacted her boyfriend using a borrowed cell phone.

The victim’s family is calling for justice and expressing concern for the safety of others who may fall prey to these perpetrators.

The police are investigating the incident, but the motive for the attack remains unknown.

The kidnappers were driving a four-door silver Lexus sedan with tinted windows, and the victim did not know them prior to the incident.

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