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A 14-year-old male has been charged with multiple criminal offenses after allegedly driving a stolen Kia and crashing it into a school bus outside a Milwaukee school.

The suspect, whose identity has not been disclosed by TMJ4 News due to his age, is currently facing charges in juvenile court.

According to court documents, the incident unfolded when the stolen Kia, driven by the eighth-grade student, collided with a school bus.

Reports indicate that there was a passenger in the stolen car who sustained injuries.

Julia Fellow, reporting on the court proceedings, expressed astonishment at the young age of the driver and emphasized the severity of the charges against him.

The charges against the 14-year-old include five felonies, such as reckless driving, hit and run, and causing substantial damage to both the school bus and an SUV.

Witnesses reported hearing screams from the bus as it was struck, and one of the passengers was rushed to the hospital.

The passenger in the stolen car was described as hanging out of the door by his knees, and he was later rescued by a bystander who yelled at the driver to stop the vehicle.

Following the crash, the teen driver allegedly attempted to flee the scene but was severely injured.

He was placed in a medically induced coma and required a breathing tube.

Investigators revealed that the suspect claimed he had stolen the car and was found asleep at his parents’ residence wearing the same clothes he had on during the crash.

Additionally, court records indicate that firearms and ammunition were discovered in the vehicle, potentially leading to further charges against the young driver.

While other individuals involved in the theft of the car, ranging in age from teenagers to young adults, have been arrested, it is unclear if any of them were injured.

The teenager who was hospitalized is said to be in critical condition, while the others involved in the stolen vehicle are facing legal consequences.

The investigation is ongoing, and additional charges may be filed against the young driver if his condition improves or if the injured passenger succumbs to his injuries.

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