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11-year-old Maisie Overcomes Fear of Dogs to Compete at Crufts 2023

One of the biggest dog shows in the world, Crufts 2023, is underway and thousands of dogs and their owners are competing for top prizes.

Among the competitors is 11-year-old Maisie and her furry friend Dennis.

Maisie’s story is a little different because until 2020, she was terrified of dogs.

Despite her fear, Maisie has managed to overcome it and is now competing at the world’s biggest dog show with Dennis.

During the lockdown, Maisie moved in with her grandmother and her eight dogs, which forced her to confront her fear head-on.

She no longer feels stressed when she’s around dogs, and her amazing transformation has allowed her to participate in dog agility at Crufts 2023.

Maisie and Dennis will be competing against the best in the world, but they’re not phased by the competition as long as they have each other.

Maisie will lead Dennis through a series of apparatus and obstacles, and they hope to do their best.

“He means a lot to me, he makes me happy,” says Maisie about her furry friend.

Good luck to Maisie and Dennis!

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