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Yuma, Arizona – Downtown Yuma is bustling with activity as the 10th Annual St.

Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl brings thousands of Lucky Irish supporters out to Main Street.

Bars and restaurants are expecting a flood of people all weekend, with the crawl including several stops such as Pint House, Dubois, Eduardo’s, and Jimmy D’s.

Participants can get their passports at Pint House, and those who finish at Jimmy D’s will have a chance to win shirts and prizes.

Special food for the holiday is also available at some stops.

Local businesses are benefiting from the increased foot traffic, with liquor and food sales going through the roof.

The Yuma Police Department is conducting an impaired driving detail throughout the weekend, with additional officers on the streets to stop and arrest drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

If you plan on drinking, make sure to do so responsibly and call a taxi, Uber, or a friend to pick you up.

It’s important to stay safe and have a good time while celebrating St.

Patrick’s Day.

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